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Guitar Lessons in Viseu, Portugal

Hi fellow guitarists around the globe!

I decided to create this service based on the feedback and all the questions I get on my YouTube page.

Guitar lessons via Skype!

My name is Juca Nery and I’m a Portuguese musician, songwriter, guitarist and mixing engineer.

The most important task for me is not only teach people how to play guitar, improvise and create their own compositions, but also how to setup things properly!

I’m talking about guitar amps, guitar amp sims, sound cards, software, guitars and pickups, etc.

I see many people struggling with basic setups and although there’s many videos on “How To”, many are misleading or they just don’t have the answer to your question! So, I will give you detailed information on how to get the best tone out of your gear in a private, comfortable guitar class.

Learn to improvise! Play with your heart! Don’t let people put you down in any circumstance!

We all started with a blank canvas!

There’s no secret formula! You just have to practice and never give up!

Nowadays my practice routine is to jam over as many backing tracks as possible because they are all in different keys and that’s one of the best ways to master your fretboard!

I used to do the same back when the internet was not an option, and I didn’t know any scales! So I turned the radio on and I made melodies to whatever was playing in just one string…

I’m a self taught guitar player. I had my frustrations but I never gave up because I LOVE to play the guitar!

So if I did it, you can also do it! Period.

My classes are divided into two time periods. 30 minutes or one hour.

For prices and availability please email me @

I also offer the first lesson!!! YES, 30 free minutes to play guitar and talk about everything guitar!

Each session I will give you all the tabs that you need to practice.

Want to learn a song? That’s also included!!!

So feel free to contact me for more details!

Best regards




Session Guitar Player

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Hi all!!!
Along side my Online Guitar Lessons ir Private Video Lessons, I also am available as a session guitar player!!!
I make collaborations with musicians for almost every style of music!
Just let me know what you need if you want to collaborate with a professional guitar player.

Contact me:

Private Guitar Videos!!!

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Guitar Videos

Want a private video guitar lesson on the subject you want to learn?

I’ll make it happen!!!

By doing this, we can schedule a session via Skype and let me know what you want to learn!!!

Easy 😉

Contact me for more details:

More info here

Or fill the contact form below:


First Guitar Lesson FREE!!!

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Hi friends!

Join now and you will have a FREE guitar lesson!!!

What could go wrong?

Fill the contact form below so we can schedule a session free of charge!!!

This offer does NOT EXPIRE!!!

Try now to see if you like it!!!



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My new guitar lessons online have an EXCLUSIVE FEATURE!!!

Not only you’ll be guided step by step on how to learn guitar, but also, I will make a private video just for you after the lesson!!!

The video will cover in much more detail all we discussed during the class!!!

So it’s a FREE bonus!!!

And that doesn’t stop there!

I will also advise you about the right gear to purchase, the best free software for guitar and how to make your guitar sound great and unique!!! All for FREE!!!

I think it’s a great service since you will only pay for the class!!!

Check my YouTube channel to see me in action!

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 14.46.43

Let’s schedule a meeting for free for more details using Skype


Add me: (My Skype Email)

Use the contact form bellow to find out more about prices and availability. 


Online Guitar Lessons Bonus!!!

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My name is Juca Nery and I’m a Portuguese musician, songwriter, guitarist and mixing engineer. All my mixes and recordings are done in my Home Studio. Kind Regards.